3,500 randomly generated CryptoPugs
Price: 0.065 ETH
Realease date: TBD

What are CryptoPugs?

CryptoPugs is a collection of 3,500 unique, randomly generated Pugs roaming on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs.

Every CryptoPug is unique and programmatically generated from endless combination of attributes and traits like background, skin, mouth, hair, glasses and more. Some Pugs are rarer than others.

There are no bonding curves here. Purchasing a CryptoPug costs 0.065 ETH. Wether you purchase the first or the last Pug, you’ll pay the same price as everyone else.



Launch the minting of the CryptoPugs collection.

25% SOLD

A Free CryptoPug NFT will be airdropped to 15 collectors in the community.

50% SOLD

A portion of ETH from the sale will be donated to SPCA International to support their work in saving animals lives around the world.

75% SOLD

An exclusive CryptoPugs merch line is released. Hats, t-shirts and hoodies will be created and made available for purchase to CryptoPugs holders!

100% SOLD

The Super Raffle, 10 randomly selected early minters will each receive a guaranteed 0.5 ETH (Chances of winning increase with the number of invites and rank)


I'm new to this. How do I mint an NFT?

The easiest way is to download Metamask (a decentralized wallet that holds your crypto and NFTs), and then send ETH to your new Metamask wallet. After that, click the ‘MINT’ button on our CryptoPugs website once we have launched.

How do I purchase a CryptoPug?

A minting button will be available at the top of this page when we have launched.

So, how much are they?

A CryptoPug will cost 0.065 ETH to mint, not including gas fees which vary due to network congestion.

How many Pugs will be minted?

A total of 3,500 Pugs will be minted.

Launch date?

The launch date is currently on pace for a midi October 2021 release. Please follow the Discord for updates.

When will my CryptoPug be revealed?

You’ll be able to see your Pug immediately after minting. No postponed reveal.

Where can I find rarities?

Rarity information for the CryptoPugs will be available on rarity.tools shortly after a successful launch.

Have additional questions?

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